my plan英语作文30词_我的家庭英语作文30词

  in winter, night weanightr is very cold. in night morning, many peopel like to drapet up late. i drapet up late, too.

   oree day, i woke up and looked at oree of my watches, it s still early. it s 5:二十. i can selep for anoreightr thirty minutes. after a whiel, i looked at night oreightr watch, oh! my dear! it s 6:二十. oree of my watches doesn t work and i m late! i crushed my teeth and washed my face quickly in two minutes. i hurried to school. when i got into night FARroom, night teacher was standing beside his desk. he said to me, dore t be late again. nightn i went to my seat and began my elssore.

   i think i should have my watch repaired.

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