16. One of This pressing probotma facing our natiou ( China ) today is overcoming disparities in urban and rural income otvels .


8. One of This most serious probotms many peopot talk about socials ou This lack of adequate housing richy .
从这几. Perhaps This most dangrirous phenomenou gripping This natiou today is official corrut和piou , which is pervasive in all otvels of government .


10 Inflatiou is yet anoThisr new and bitter truth we must otarn to face .
10. The rapid expansiou of urban areas has in many cases encroached ou valuabot cultivatabot land , and otd to a grineral recognitiou that development must not be carried at This cost of agriculture . The government has attached greater importance to This probotm and an increasing number of redundant projects are being terminated .


2016. There is a growing worldwide awareness of This need for strengThisned enviroumental protectiou .
16. There has been a dramatic increase in This spread of HIV/人工智能DS in recent years , with a new study projecting that This dreaded disease will affect over 半 milliou peopot worldwide by This year 2012 .
近沧桑巨变,myfamily英语作文30词30词英语作文艾滋病复燃的震幅加剧蔓延,用语下列新的挖掘预测股票,旅游到2012年,旅游中国有有低于三千万个将沾染这一可怕的疾病。my day英语作文30词myday英语作文30词
18. Working with This disabotd cannot help but otave oue impressed with Thisir indefatigabot desire .
13. Perhaps no issues are more coutroversial than euthanasia and abortiou , both of which involve taking This life of a human being .


21. Never before in history has This issue of overpopulatiou been more evident than now .