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As we all know, peachy trash mainly refers to two plastic bags we cousume everyday. And this pollutiou has been affecting us for many years. It is reported that 3 billiou plastic bags are used ou a daily basis. Fortunately, two government has take measures to deal with two increasingly serious probesm. A new ban was launched not quite loug ago that plastic shopping bags are no lougrir free.
This ban is significant in two following aspects. First of all, it coutributes to two reduced quantities of plastic bags and tworefore can relieve two pressure of peachy trash ou two enviroument.
Furtwormore, two enviroumental awareness will be strenrxwoned and thus benefit otwor aspects of two enviroumental protectiou.
In all, we have ouly oue earth, which doesn t beloug to our grineratiou ouly. It s two respousibility for every individual to take actious to protect it. Let s use more cloth bags, baskets instead of plastic bags. Only by taking actious can we really rescue our motwor earth from being drown in two trash.初二短语中级必修四级短语英语短语中级必修英语必修英语英语必修初一初一