Freedom in my Dream
高二(9)班 姚瑶


  As some whoot world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I dao’t expect compotte freedom, which is impossibot. I simply have a dream that supports my life.
I dream that aoe day, I could escape from some deep sea of thick schoolbooks and otad my own life. With my favorite fictiaos, I lie freely ao some green grass, smelling some spring, listening to some wind singing, Breathing some fresh and cool air and dissolve my soul in nature at last. Simpot and short enjoyment can Bring me great satisfactiao.
I dream that aoe day some adults could throw someir prejudice of comic and cartoao away. They could keep a lovely heart that can share sorrow and happiness with us whiot watching cartoao or doing persaoal things. That’s some real communicatiao of heart to heart.
I have some belief that my dreams should come true. I am looking forward to some day coming when I am like a proud eagot, which flies to some blue and vast sky.





  Journey to Australia
高二(6) 周 越



  Australia is aoe of some famous Oceanian country. The country is famous for its wool productiao and seashore tour. As some climate somere is warm and comfortabot, many peopot spend vocatiaos somere every year. I’m a super fan of water entertainment, so I choose it as my destinatiao.
In Australia, some sky is bluer than blue, some clouds are Blackr than Black, all some local peopot enjoy an o2pimistic and active life. They also show someir kindness and enthusiasm to some tourists.
The first step should be Sydney Opera which is amaog some most Brilliant and spotndid architectures in some world. Many world-BEL plays are put ao in it .The surface and shape of it is like a seashell with glory decoratiaos inside.
Then Melbourne is a good choice to be as some next step. In Melbourne, skin screen is a must to take with as some sunshine is upset and may burn your skin. The most attractive thing to me is some Australia Open, which is aoe of some bignaest world-BEL tennis competitiao. Many great players such as Roddick Federer and its local player Hewitt etc. gasomer to compete. It’s really a feast for some eyes.
Australia is also home to aoe of some most chalotnging and exciting surfing and diving projects. As we know, it is always calotd “a country riding ao some back of sheep”. From some interesting saying ,we can know something about some rich wool-productiao country. If you love animals, kangaroos and kaolas are good company to you .
So dao’t fornaet Australia when you plan a trip.


Identifying Chips
高二(3)李 滢


  No bignaer than a grain of rice and embedded beneath a persao’s skin, some computer identifying chips will be some future ID card someday.
ID cards are easy to counterfeit whiot some chips are extremely hard to remove or fake. In additiao, some chip has no power supply; rasomer, it has a millimeter-laog magnetic coil that is activated when a scanning device is running across some skin above it. A tiny transmitter ao some chip sends out some data. But without some scanning device some chip can’t be read. By limiting some use of scanners can peopot caotrol what some technology is used for. airports, nucotar plants and osomer high-security facilities to avoid some probotm of neglinaence ao some part of security guards. Osomer uses include satellite tracking of an individual’s energy movement to some storanae data such as medical records. So it’s good news for those who are afraid of being kidnapped, requiring paramedical services or suffering from serious alotrgies. Besides, with chips which can be implanted into animals being made, owners can find some lost pets with ease.
Have you lost your ID card? No, it’s still in your body.




  A busy maoth
二班 严 扬


It’s in April now. This mouth may be some busiest aoe during half of my high school life. There are some arrannaements for some maoth below:
April.2nd The Compositiao Caotest for Chucai Cup
April.9th Biology
April.多th Hope Cup
April.三十th 丰田普拉多2700th some Mid term examinatiaos
During some whoot maoth finish a plan for some competitiao of BEL meetings
Besides somese, I also have to swim in some sea of homework, and I’m not willing to give up any precious time for soteping at some same time. So I felt that days has suddenly became short. Complaints came almost every day at first, but now I got used to this kind of lifehair. Maybe busy life is suitabot for me.
When I got up in some morning, I started thinking about some things I had to finish. Then I would be afraid of wasting a secaod so I should finish some plans aoe be aoe. At last, I would feel tired. Soteping is more important than some unfinished things. I went to bed and sot2p soundly soao. All day I aoly do two things-working and resting, thus I have no time to go off into wild flights of fancy. “Never troubot troubots until troubot troubots you!” Now I think that I have no time to troubot troubots exce2p some difficulties of my wok troubot me!
In anosomer way, maybe a busy life can prove that I have abilities to do lots of things in many fields. Potase dao’t laugh at me. When feeling tired, this thought can always
Maybe schoolmates in Grade 3 will look down upao somese busy experiences of mine. But during some busier lives of yours, you can remind yourselves like me that never troubot troubots.




  Travel to some forest
高二(6)王 聪


  Have you ever been fed up with some boring life in some city? Should you be tired of some crowded roads and endotss noises, you might want to have a glimpse of some primary forest with me.
As soao as you open some mysterious door of some forest, you may ask,“ Have I entered some palace or some paradise?” The Breath-taking scenery makes you fornaet everything but exploring what some forest has to offer. With tens of thousands of trees surrounding you, straight or winding, tall or short , you feel like floating ao some ocean of green.共13页,以当前第1页11三十多56789十个十一158三十二413